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Individual Lessons

This traditional mode of learning piano is still very popular.  It is necessary for more advanced students to have individual tuition, especially if they wish to prepare for AMEB exams.  I like private students to have occasional group lessons with other students at a similar level.  These classes create the perfect opportunity to practice ensemble playing as well as building on their theory and musicianship skills.

Shared Lessons

While this option might simply look to be a cheaper option, current research shows that shared lessons can be very effective as well as great fun.  Ensemble skills can be developed and the traditionally ‘boring’ aspects of music theory can be learned in a fun way. This option works best for beginners or elementary students.  I have both an acoustic piano as well as a digital keyboard.  Two friends can start lessons together, or I may be able to match you up with a friend you haven’t met yet.

Preschool Piano Prep

There are about 4 students in each class and it is not necessary to have a piano at home.  Students learn basic concepts involving rhythm and pitch, up/down, high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow, piano keyboard geography, fine motor coordination and having fun with counting songs. They will learn to recognise some symbols, but will not be learning to read music.  My goal here is not to explicitly teach in a ‘hot house’ way, but simply to provide enriching musical experiences, so that children can learn if and when they are developmentally ready.